About Do Ink

Do Ink (DK Pictures, Inc.) develops and markets creativity apps (Green Screen, Animation and Drawing) for Education, so students can "show what they know" in Math, Science, English, History and Storytelling.

Do Ink began as a consumer web product in 2007. Our web tools were like a simplified version of Adobe Flash, enabling users to draw, animate and then share their artwork with a community. Our website grew to 400,000 users, ages 13-21, that created two million pieces of art. Users introduced Do Ink to their teachers, who created lesson plans with our tools.

In April 2010, Apple released the iPad, and we launched our Animation and Drawing app in iTunes. Apple picked it as an "App Store Essential for Drawing" and it was featured in iTunes under "Middle School Apps." Over time our educational web users transitioned to the iPad and we retired our web tools in 2012, to focus exclusively on developing and marketing apps.

At EdCamp Boston in May of 2013, a teacher ask if anyone knew of an easy-to-use Green Screen app for the classroom. No one did, but we knew with our experience in video, we could create a great one, but that it had to be easy enough for a second grader to use. We beta tested our app with teachers, who gave us tremendous input during the development. Our Green Screen app was released in October of 2013. Two weeks after it's launch, Apple selected it as a "Best New App in Education." It is now a top education app downloaded in 114 countries.


The Team